About Sequoyah

About Sequoyah

School Hours  7:40 a.m. – 2:20 p.m.


If you are new to the Edmond district and live within the Sequoyah boundary lines, please bring:

  • a current lease or deed

  • current utility bill (gas or electric)

  • parent/guardian ID

  • student’s birth certificate

  • student’s current shot records

to the school to begin the enrollment process.


Attendance is an important part of your students’ success. Please be aware that your student must be on time to school for the start of the day, as well as on time to all classes. Students can only be checked out by parents, guardians, or those designated on your office registration profile. A few things to know…..

  • In school classes start at 7:40am and end for the day at 2:20pm

  • Missing more than 15 minutes of any class is considered an absence in that class.

  • 3 tardies=absence

  • 3 early check outs=absence

  • ALL absences are considered unexcused unless they meet the following criteria AND have    documentation

 Medical-date specific documentation by letter from physician:

  • Religious-documented by letter from church officiant and approved by principal

  • Death in immediate family-documentation from services

  • Family Emergency-must be in letter form from parent and with approval from principal

  • Judicial documentation provided by letter from court

Parents may use this email below when notifying us that their student will be out of school for any reason. The parents need to provide the students full name, grade, date of absence(s) and reason for absence. In order for it to be an excused absence the parents will need to also provide the appropriate documentation, i.e., doctors notes, funeral notices, etc.

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Checking Out of School

Only parents, guardians, or those designated on your office registration page my sign students out through the main office. Students may not be checked out for lunch by anyone other than their own parent(s), legal guardian(s), or Sequoyah staff.


For bus transportation information, Click Here to see the Transportation Page or call (405) 340-2962.

School Closings

For school closures due to inclement weather, check the Edmond Public Schools website or local media outlets. Also make sure you are signed up for text, email and app notifications from EPS.

Study Hall

Team Study Hall: Team’s hold a study hall once per week on most weeks. Teachers assign this as an opportunity to retake tests, do missing work, and contact is made with the parents when assigned. General assistance is provided but not one-on-one tutoring. Students must be assigned to attend. Students assigned are eligible for a late bus ride home. Teachers must put students’ names on the bus list.

Administrative Study Hall: This study hall is assigned by administrators only and is limited to ten students per day.  This study hall is for students who are failing multiple classes.  General assistance is provided but not one-on-one tutoring. Students must have already attended team study hall as an intervention. Students assigned are eligible for a late bus ride home.

Teacher Detention: Teachers can hold personal detentions. If they hold a detention until 3:50, then they may assign students to the late bus. If the detention is only held until 2:45 or 3:00, these students must have a ride at the end of the detention time.

Administrative Detention: This is the same location and ten available places as Administrative Study Hall.  Only administrators can assign this detention. Students are provided academic guidance but not one-on-one tutoring. These students are eligible for the late bus because this detention lasts until 3:50.

How did our school get its name? 

We are named in honor of  the famous Cherokee Indian, Sequoyah, who was born in Tennessee in 1775. As an adult, he became interested in the written language of the white man.  There was no writing system for the Cherokee language, so in 1809 Sequoyah began developing a system for writing Cherokee words. He worked hard and came up with 86 symbols ,a syllabary, which stood for the sounds spoken in the Cherokee language. By 1821, his syllabary, which he called “talking leaves”, was complete.  Cherokees who could speak the language learned the syllabary quickly and  started using it to publish books and newspapers in their own language. 

Our school mascot is the Cougar, and our colors are purple and silver. Our  students are awesome! Go Cougars!

Mission Statement

Our goal is to assist students to make a positive transition from the elementary school, through middle school, and into high school.  During the “middle school” years, the teaching staff will provide educational experiences that will emphasize basic skills in an environment structured to maximize learning.

In addition to academic endeavors, students will have opportunities to make new friends and participate in a variety of age-appropriate activities.

It is our hope that all students will become involved positively in our school and in its activities.  It is also our desire that students will take pride in the school and promote positive feelings.

Take pride in being a “Sequoyah Middle School Cougar.”