In order to be successful in school, good attendance should be a goal. Students need to be on time for their first class at 7:50 am. However, if you must be absent, your parents should call the school’s attendance secretary by 10:30 am on the first day of the absence. If you arrive late to school, you need to provide a written excuse, be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or be transported by school district transportation.

An absence is missing more than 15 minutes of any class period. Students are allowed a maximum of 9 absences per class period, per semester (excused or unexcused). The tenth absence will require the student to make-up time at school at the discretion of the principal. After the 18th absence in any one class period, the student may be required to attend summer school at the expense of the parent and/or meet with the Attendance Review Committee to discuss student’s placement for the next year.