School Hours  7:50 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.


If you are new to the Edmond district and live within the Sequoyah boundary lines, please bring
– a current lease or deed
– current utility bill (gas or electric)
– parent/guardian ID
– student’s birth certificate
– student’s current shot records
to the school to begin the enrollment process.

Checking Out of School

Only parents, guardians, or those designated on your office registration page my sign students out through the main office. Students may not be checked out for lunch by anyone other than their own parent(s), legal guardian(s), or Sequoyah staff.


For bus transportation information, see the Transportation link at or call (405) 340-2962.

School Closings

For school closures due to inclement weather, check the Edmond Public Schools’ home page, local news listings or news websites (e.g.,

How did our school get its name? 

We are named in honor of  the famous Cherokee Indian, Sequoyah, who was born in Tennessee in 1775. As an adult, he became interested in the written language of the white man.  There was no writing system for the Cherokee language, so in 1809 Sequoyah began developing a system for writing Cherokee words. He worked hard and came up with 86 symbols ,a syllabary, which stood for the sounds spoken in the Cherokee language. By 1821, his syllabary, which he called “talking leaves”, was complete.  Cherokees who could speak the language learned the syllabary quickly and  started using it to publish books and newspapers in their own language.  (See Sequoyah’s picture in our beautiful state capitol by Oklahoma artist Charles Banks Wilson–

Our school mascot is the Cougar, and our colors are purple and silver. Our  students are awesome! Go Cougars!

Our School Report Card

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