Sequoyah Enrollment: 6th Grade

Dear Families,

All information pertaining to elective course options is below. Please take time to review the course descriptions and watch the videos so you can make informed decisions about what electives to take next school year.

If you have further questions, please contact the 6th Grade Counselor via email at


Cara Combs, 6th Grade Counselor



Elective Exploration – Required* Elective

The Elective Exploration class is designed to expose students to a variety of elective offerings to help them make more informed elective choices later in middle school. A full year of Elective Exploration provides students the opportunity to move through six different rotational courses including Around the World, Art, Engineering, Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS), Physical Education, and Technology Literacy.*some rare exceptions may apply


Around the World:

Curious about the way other people around the globe live? Why do people act the way they do? Around the World is a class that allows students to gain a global perspective of why cultures are unique by exploring current events, art, holidays, and religions. Around the World offers a fun opportunity to get better connected to the world.


* $5 art donation is requested

Art Exploration students will learn and apply the 7 Elements of Art into weekly drawings. An introduction of Master and Contemporary Artists will grow individualized art skills and techniques. Students will be introduced to new ways to Look at Art and Talk about Art. Studio Artwork will be the primary focus by creating numerous drawings “together” in class using these learned techniques. Students will achieve 20 drawings in 20 days and learn the Art of Origami by mastering the Origami Crane.

Engineering 6: Formerly known as Gateway to Technology:

Project Lead the Way’s Gateway to Technology is a middle school program designed to engage students in learning how to use engineering skills to solve everyday problems. Through hands-on projects and problem-based learning, students are engaged in using scientific principles and math concepts to solve real-world problems. The course focuses on active learning to help strengthen math, science, and technology skills.


This exploratory class will help students discover skills and explore topics needed for healthy personal development. Students will delve into learning through hands on activities in the areas of values, ethics and leadership, goal-setting, decision-making, problem-solving, dealing with emotions, leaning to cook, good grooming, and personal safety. Student leadership through Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is an integral part of this course.

Physical Education:

* Tennis shoes are required.

The PE class is co-educational with an emphasis on team and lifetime activities-as well as non-competitive, organized games. Units of study include kickball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, cage ball, ultimate football, speedball, and badminton.

Technology Literacy:

Students will learn the basic technology skills that will be necessary for high school. Keyboarding will be taught in addition to basic skills of word processing, creating presentations, spreadsheets, and databases. These skills will be developed using a project-based approach. An understanding of some computer history, digital media, and research techniques will also be developed.

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6th Grade Band separates each instrument into its own class, each with its own teacher. Students have the opportunity to begin playing one of the following instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Cornet (Trumpet), Trombone, or Percussion. Twice a year, the instruments come together to perform a concert. Emphasis will be placed on fundamental rhythmic and melodic skills, basic instrument techniques, and building overall musicianship. Band is available for ANY student who wants to play an instrument, with no need for the previous musical experience.

Click this link to complete the following steps:

  1. Watch short videos that demonstrate each beginning band instrument and interviews with beginning band students and parents.
  2. Complete the Instrument Matching Tool, which will help match you with the right instrument! At the end, you will be asked to list your instrument preferences in priority order.
  3. Fill out a short interest form to get more information about our band program.
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The emphasis of this class is an exploration of music through countless games, singing, and other music activities. We will learn to read music and learn the foundations of what it means to be a singer in a choral ensemble! The sixth graders participate in our district-wide Sixth Grade Vocal Music Festival during the semester and the course includes an additional performance.



Students will learn how to prepare and present a variety of material for performances such as speeches, monologues, duets, skits, lip syncs, and end the semester with a one-act play. Students will learn effective strategies for both verbal and nonverbal communication and enhance overall social/self-awareness, promote characterization, concentration, and creativity. They will also learn about the technical side of theater in the areas of costuming, lighting and/or sound.


GATE (Enrichment)

*Students must meet district criteria requirements to qualify

Students describe this class as interesting, challenging, creative, informative, and FUN! We brainstorm and create (in class) projects that may include lunar models, rockets, game design, archaeological dig, ACT preparation, mythology, and other areas of individual interest. Through hands-on activities, students develop skills in problem-solving, various types of thinking, creativity, inquiry, leadership, and communication.

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Students will examine the world of education while learning by serving. As they serve in placement sites around the school and help in the community, students will gain an understanding of what it takes to make a school day run smoothly. They will examine educational trends by reading various articles and journals. They will discover various types of learning and how disabilities can affect the process. They will understand the multitude of careers offered in education. They will learn to serve and serve to learn!



Students will participate in contests, festivals, and concerts as an orchestra group member. They will also have the opportunity to perform solos and small ensembles in a contest situation. Contest orchestra will be composed of those students who perform with the musicianship and have the discipline required to represent their school in a competitive situation.


Physical Education

* Tennis shoes are required. This class can be taken one semester per school year.


The P.E. class is co-educational with an emphasis on team and lifetime activities and noncompetitive, organized games. Units of study include kickball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, cage ball, ultimate football, speedball, and badminton. There will be quizzes over weekly lessons in addition to written unit tests at the end of each unit

Physical Education.mp4


This class is an introduction to Publications. We examine newspapers, magazines, and yearbooks in preparation for Publications in 7th and 8th grade. The student will learn interviewing techniques and how to write and edit articles. Team building activities will help them work together as one staff. Students who love to write and see their work published will enjoy this class.

Journalism_ Publications promotional video.mp4