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Final meeting Thursday, March 9 – Voting Party!

Join us Thursday, November 10 for a hot cup of cocoa or cappuccino, and make sure you have a ride to pick you up. Sign-up in the Media Center and see you there. (Must attend at least 3 meeting and read 3 of the Sequoyah Masterlist novels to attend the voting party in March 2017. Must read at least 3 of the Sequoyah Masterlist novels to vote for the 2017 Sequoyah Award Winner. Ballots will be handed out through English classes in March.)

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Dates and time TBA. Listen to announcements, check the flyers posted around school, and sign-up in the Media Center. Bring your lunch with you and Mrs. Adler will provide dessert.  Don’t miss it!

The Writer’s Guild

Do you like to write? Short stories? Novels? Comics? Poetry? Journal? Then we have the club for you! Please join our Writer’s Guild as we create a community to celebrate writing and offer support to one another through the writing process. This club meets once a month, sometimes twice a month. The 2nd meeting will be a critiquing/peer-editing meeting in Mr. Russell’s room.


Stephanie Adler – Library Media Specialist
Alexander Russell – 6,7, & 8th grade Literacy teacher
Christy Buckner – Parent Volunteer/Children’s Writer
Joan Hagy – 8th grade English teacher


Mission Statement:

Connect, create, & collaborate on all aspects in the world of writing.



For students to have opportunities to bring their voice to life by creating a community where young writers can express, advance, and polish their works in a supportive environment to have a positive impact on their world around them.
Sign-up for any of the clubs above in the media center.


Book Clubs Dates to Remember:

Keurig & Konversation:

1st meeting: Thursday, September 29 (Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis & Jackaby by William Ritter)

2nd meeting: Tuesday, October 18 (Prisoner of Night & Fog by Anne Blankman, Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond, The Secret Hum of a Daisy by Tracy Holczer)

3rd meeting: Thursday, November 10 (There Will be Bears by Ryan Gebhart, and Port Chicago 50 by Steve Sheinkin)

4th meeting: Tuesday, December 6 (Crossover by Kwame Alexander and El Deafo by CeCe Bell

5th meeting: Tuesday, January 24 (Treaties, Trenches, Mud & Blood by Nathan Hale, The Night Gardner by Jonathon Auxier, and Saving Lucas Biggs by David Teague & Maria de los Santos.)

6th meeting: Tuesday, February 21 (Gracefully Grayson by Amy Polonsky, A Time to Dance by Padma Venkatraman, and Love & Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan

7th meeting: Thursday, March 9 ( Celebration! We made it through the Sequoyah books)

Sequoyah voting will be held Thursday, March 9 in the Media Center. English Teachers will send students down to vote in the voting booths for their favorite Sequoyah Book. Sequoyah’s pick will be announced Friday, March 10. The Oklahoma winner will be announced in April.


Genre Lunch:

Thursday, September 22 (6th & 7th grade – Science/Dystopian Fiction)

Tuesday, October 25 (8th grade – Mystery)

Tuesday, November 22 (6th & 7th grades – Realistic Fiction)

Tuesday, December 20 (8th grade – Realistic Fiction)


The Cougars Writer’s Guild:

The first Thursday of every month!

Next Meeting: Thursday, December 1