Study Hall

Library:On most days, the library is available for students to access for study hall.Students must bring their own work and only general library supervision isprovided. The library closes at 3:20 and students must have their own ridehome. No tutoring is provided. Some days, the library is closed for meetingsafter school.

Team Study Hall:Team’s hold a study hall once per week on most weeks. Teachers assign this asan opportunity to re-take tests, do missing work, and contact is made with theparents when assigned. General assistance is provided but not one-on-onetutoring. Students must be assigned to attend. Students assigned are eligiblefor a late bus ride home. Teachers must put students’ names on the bus list.

AdministrativeStudy Hall: This study hall is assigned by administrators only and islimited to ten students per day.  Thisstudy hall is for students who are failing multiple classes.  General assistance is provided but notone-on-one tutoring. Students must have already attended team study hall as anintervention. Students assigned are eligible for a late bus ride home.

Teacher Detention:Teachers can hold personal detentions. If they hold a detention until 4:20,then they may assign students to the late bus. If the detention is only helduntil 3:15 or 3:30, these students must have a ride at the end of the detentiontime.

Administrative Detention: This is the same location and ten available places as Administrative Study Hall.  Only administrators can assign this detention. Students are provided academicguidance but not one-on-one tutoring. These students are eligible for the late bus because this detention lasts until 4:20.