Kim Andrus
Media Assistant

Degree: BA degree in education from Oklahoma City University
Educational Philosophy: Helping students grow, learn and imagine through reading.
Favorite Quote: “The more you read, the more you know.”

Name: Tory Jackson
Phone Number: 4057265839
Room Number: 146
Grade Level: 6, 7, 8
Subject Area: Mod cog
Planning Period: 5th hour 12:09-12:50
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Special Education

Name: Cullen Lange
Phone Number: 405.726.5853
Room Number: 145
Grade Level: 6.7.8
Subject Area: Special Education
Team: .
Planning Period: 4
Degree: B.S. Elementary Education

Name: joe merhib
Phone Number: 561-358-2489
Room Number: 200
Grade Level: 6,7, & 8
Subject Area: all
Team: asip
Planning Period: 11:19- 12:05
Degree: masters
Educational Philosophy: help all students in their ability to be successful in education
Favorite Quote: Show your students love & respect
Class Website:
Club Sponsor: spo

Name: Matthew Miano
Phone Number: 4057265840
Room Number: 186
Grade Level: 6 to 8
Subject Area: Math
Team: X-men
Planning Period: None
Degree: BA Management
Educational Philosophy: Be your best everyday
Favorite Quote: They will fight against you, but they will not prevail. For I, the Lord your God am with you.

Name: Lyn Patton
Phone Number: 405-726-5869
Room Number: 151
Grade Level: 6-8
Subject Area: Speech Language Pathology
Team: PLC withElectives
Planning Period: 5th hour
Degree: Masters of Education
Educational Philosophy: Be a life long learner
Favorite Quote: The hardest to love, need it the most.

Name: Dena Wooden
Phone Number: 405-726-5857
Room Number: 172
Grade Level: 6,7,8
Subject Area: Literacy/reading resource room
Team: I have students on all teams.
Planning Period: 4th hour  10:30-12:00
Degree: Elementary Education, certified in special education, language arts and social studies
Educational Philosophy: Every student can learn.
Class Website: Please sign up for my REMIND text messages.

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